3D Golf Swing Analyzer – GolfSense – for iPhone, iPad and Android

GolfSense is a wearable motion sensor gadget with free mobile app that helps you analyze and improve your golf swing. Gives you great visual of your swing and allows you to see where you have issues

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PlayStation 4 Game Console

Once you’re at the home screen you’re welcomed by soothing music and a clean feeling menu. After a couple of days I got tired of the menu background music so all I had to do was go to the settings and turn that off. Everything seems very snappy. My first real impression was how fast the PS store opened. On the PS3 it seemed to take forever, but on the PS4 it was almost instant.

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Xbox 360-E 250GB Holiday Value Bundle Game Console

Highly recommend – since it comes with a large Hard Drive which now stores more games as new game are requiring installs of game data (GTA V was roughly 8 GB – more than the arcade XBOX holds).

The new sleek E version of the 360 is nice and looks more professional than the odd shapes of the last 2 editions.

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