Soldering Hobby Station with Magnifying Glass – Helping Hands 8.48

Soldering Hobby Station with Magnifying Glass – Helping Hands

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Helping Hands Soldering Hobby Station with Magnifying Glass

  • Great for soldering and working with small items
  • 2-1/2-Inch glass lens magnifier
  • Heavy cast iron base
  • 2 alligator clips mounted on 4 way swivels


Fancii LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Station - 2X 4X USB Lighted Hands Free Magnifying Glass Stand with Clamp and Alligator Clips - For Soldering, Assembly, Repair, Modeling, Hobby and Crafts

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  • 3.5 inch 2X Illuminated Helping Hand Magnifying Glass Station with 4X Auxiliary Lens
  • 360° rotating neck and bendable arms allows you to adjust the lens to the position where you need it the most
  • LED Lighted with 2 super bright LED lights | Powered by USB cable (included) or 3 AAA batteries
  • 2 fully adjustable helping hands with clamp and alligator clips, iron holder, and tray (Patent Pending)
  • Perfect workstation for soldering, building models, electronics repair, DIY projects, hobby and crafts

Product Description

Versatile Helping Hand Magnifier Made with a rimless acrylic lens; designed for hobbyists and professionals such as welders, electricians, and technicians. Designed For Your Home or Workshop This 2X helping hand magnifier is ideal for soldering, building models, electronic repair, DIY projects, jewelry, hobbies and crafts. While the 4X auxiliary spot lens adds extra zoom when you need to see more intricate details. Fully Adjustable Workstation There are two adjustable points on the neck of the unit, allowing the magnifying lens to be positioned at various angles and heights. Items are hold securely by the clamp and 2 alligator clips on a 4 way swivel, and the section holding the clips can be adjusted in height as well. The lens can also be rotated 360 degrees. Made To Last Constructed out of scratch resistant acrylic lens, metal, and ABS, our multifunctional helping hand magnifier is both sturdy and durable. Illuminate While You Magnify Equipped with 2 super bright LED...

Lnchett Led Light Magnifier & Desk Lamp Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass … (Silver)

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  • (Tighten both the clips and the middle screw before soldering)Built-in magnifying glass (4x) aids in minute detail work
  • 2 Alligator clips on 4-way swivels-holds items securely (leaving hands free)
  • Heavy-duty base for stability, you' beter use a pliers to adjust the screw and wing nuts.
  • Comes in bubble wrap packaging, great tool for soderingiron
  • Great for hobbyists, electricians, jewelers, and users who work with solder or small details

Product Description

Features of this product include: Magnification: 4x 2 Alligator clips on 4-way swivels Adjustable magnifier and clips in various angles Heavy-duty base for stability Comes in blister packaging Disclaimer: Magnifications are approximates and may vary slightly.

Ram-Pro Helping Hands Magnifier Glass Stand with Alligator Clips – 4x Magnifying Lens, Perfect for Soldering, Crafting & Inspecting Micro Objects

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  • The Ram-Pro Magnifying Glass Helping Hands with Stand Station, provides a third extra hand that lets you clip on & work on anything from soldering to macro detailed delicate arts/crafts while leaving your hands free to improve precision.
  • SPECS: Glass lens: 2-1/2" Dia. - Magnification: 4x zoom - Diopter: 12 - 2 Alligator clips: 2" - Stable base - 5 Adjustable tightening ball joint twists - Full Length: 1.87" Height: 12" Width: 10.25" - Weight: 12.5 oz.
  • QUALITY: High quality impact-resistant 4x 12 diopter magnifying glass - Super strong metal alligator clamps bends to all degrees - Heavy-duty cast iron base.
  • DESIGN: Designed with the hobbyist and soldering electrician in mind, this tool lets you do precise detailed work on small parts while adjusting the lens & clips to all angles - Mounted wide mirror-style glass magnifies up to 4x and 12 diopter - 2 Alligator Clips gently grab and hold onto the heaviest objects - Heavy-duty cast iron base for standing durability.
  • USES: Hand Lens Close Work include Soldering PCB's, Macro Photography, Craftsmanship Engraving, Electric Circuit Board Repairs, Building Models, Hobby Arts & Crafts Projects, Painting Miniatures, Splinter removal, Needlepoint Work, Sawing Applications, Diamond/Jewelry Cleaning & much more.

Product Description

About the Ram-Pro Helping Hand Soldering Station with 4x Magnification Lens & Alligator Clips Ever needed a third/spare helping hand while soldering electrical wires & chips or when working/building miniatures and models, well here is our ultimate solution. Our Solution: The Ram-Pro 4x 12 Diopter Third Hand Helper Workstation on Stand with Adjustable Arms! Features: - Wide 4x magnification lens that magnifies and enlarges the tiniest micro objects, with a 12 diopter distance mounted on an adjustable joint. (Magnifier greatly reduces the need for extra visual aid) - 2 Super-tough alligator clamps on both ends of the tool holds tightly and firmly anything you clip on. - Heavy duty cast iron base prevents the tool from tipping and shaking while working. Totally Flexible: Large Magnifying glass, Alligator Clips and Joints can all be Rotated 360° Degrees. Perfect Solder Work Holder for Computer Repairs & Phone Assembly/Disassembly. Magnifying Lens can be used for Solar Wood Burning and...

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