The sunset projection lamp is easy to operate, open the APP sunset projector lamp control button and choose the color or modes by using the remote or APP you prefer. Adjust the sunset light size and brightness easily to project sunset on the wall or ceiling. Comes with many functions sunset projection lamp contains 12 dynamic modes(Flash/Strobe/Fade/Breath Effect), providing a romantic atmosphere. Choose your own lighting beat style according to mood scenes. SYNC TO MUSIC The app can automatically search the local music library or download the music into the APP. Choose one music play, lights will dance with music rhythm. Record a video/vlog of this magic times and send it to Tik Tok & Youtube.

Sunset Projection Lamp. As the name states, it projects sunset light colors on the wall/surface.

This Sunset or Light projection lamp comes with remote and projector APP for mobile devices, supports multiple colors. Projection lap is also Good for gifting, party, photography or use as a night lamp.

Sunset Projection Lamp https://amzn.to/3wqzGpq

Smart Romantic Remote + App Control Sunset Projection Lamp

Smart Home achieves more colorful and convenient life for you-Creates Excellent Smart Romantic Lighting Atmosphere.

  • Sunset Lamp with Remote Control and APP function allow you to play with technology. You can achieve unlimited colors through App control, no longer limited to using buttons to adjust colors. What you can’t imagine is that you can control multiple rainbow sunset lights at the same time just using one remote control.
  • What’s more, being able to control brightness freely, music and mic control the lights which makes you become the avatar of a lighting artist.
  • Unlimited Colors—support any projection colors
  • Timing Function—convenient and easy to set
  • Multiple Strobe Modes—experience the magic of different modes
  • Intelligent Function—the light beating with the rhythm of music and microphone

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Sunset Projection Lamp with APP + Remote Control Atmosphere Projection Led Night Light For Home, office, decor

Disclaimer: Videos and images are for representation only, actual product may vary.

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